Argan Magic Split Endz Repair Cream: In-Depth Review & Results

As a dedicated researcher of hair care essentials, I’ve encountered countless products promising to tame split ends and unruly frizz. My quest recently led me to the Argan Magic Split Endz Repair Cream, a product surrounded by positive buzz. What follows is a detailed exploration of my journey with this hair repair cream, complete with my firsthand insights and analysis.

Argan Magic positions itself as a go-to for those burdened with frizzy, split-end-laden hair. Its formula boasts an impressive roster of nourishing ingredients such as Argan Oil and Hemp Oil, fortified with Vitamin B5 and Wheat Proteins to not only manage but visibly heal damaged strands.

Argan Magic Cream Open Jar

Initial Thoughts on Argan Magic’s Cream

Unboxing my 6 oz jar of Argan Magic Split Endz Repair Cream was the first step in what I hoped would be my farewell tour to split ends.


The product arrived in a sophisticated container, exuding a high-end aura that immediately garnered my attention.


Upon prying open the container, a light and delightful scent wafted out, suggesting the subtlety with which it would grace my hair post-application.

Applying the Argan Oil Hair Cream

Concerned about adding weight to my hair, I appreciated the cream’s balanced consistency—rich, yet mindful of not overwhelming fine strands.

Consistency & Spreadability

  • Texture: Velvety smooth, promising effortless application.
  • Method: Using fingertips for even application, the cream blended seamlessly into damp ends.

Argan Magic Cream Box

Evaluating the Magic: Performance Review

Before and After: Split End Mending

  • Pre-treatment: My ends were visibly frayed.
  • Post-treatment: A noticeable “fusion” of ends and a silkier touch were the delightful outcomes.

Frizz-Free Resilience

  • Humidity Resistance: It impressively safeguarded against the elements.
  • Static Reduction: Static cling became a non-issue, much to my relief.

Durability of Results

A strict regime over a month painted a clear picture of the cream’s capabilities.

  • Immediate Impressions: The difference was evident—healthier looking hair after just a few applications.
  • Extended Effects: Time revealed more; the overall texture of my hair improved significantly.

                  Argan Magic Cream eBay

Pros vs Cons: A Balanced Verdict

In summary, the Argan Magic cream has both its champions and critiques.


  • Efficacious Split End Treatment
  • Frizz is Finessed
  • Leaves No Oily Residue
  • Subtle, Enjoyable Fragrance


  • Thicker Tresses May Require More Product
  • Priced at a Premium

Conclusion and My Personal Rating

My encounter with Argan Magic’s Split Endz Repair Cream merits a commendable 4.5 out of 5 stars. For those on a quest to vanquish split ends and achieve a smoother mane, I wholeheartedly endorse this product.

Argan Magic Cream Jar

Purchase Points

For your own experience with Argan Magic, the product can be found at these retailers:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Beauty Barn
  • Local stores like Marshalls

If the battle against split ends has left you weary, allow the Argan Magic Split Endz Repair Cream to step into your hair care regimen. The results might just weave a spell of their own.

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