The Best Poutines in Québec City

The Quintessential Canadian Delicacy: Poutine

Revered as a culinary staple in Canada, poutine stands as a dish that pleases the palate with its simple yet indulgent combination of flavors. This classic dish emerges from Quebec’s rich food culture, bringing together a trio of components to form an iconic dish celebrated across Canada. At its core, poutine is a hearty affair, renowned for its lavish textures and flavors.

Poutine is more than mere comfort food; it is an assembly of three fundamental elements that together create a symphony of taste. The base of the dish is made up of crispy, golden fries, which are then liberally smothered with rich, velvety gravy. As the final crowning touch, squeaky cheese curds are scattered atop, melting slowly under the warmth of the gravy. Each bite is a mouthwatering experience, combining the soft and savory with a delightful crunch.

Not only is poutine a dish that caters to those with a penchant for high-calorie indulgence, but it is also a testament to the ingenuity of Quebec’s culinary traditions. It’s no surprise that this popular Canadian meal has gained international praise for its straightforward, unapologetically satisfying nature.

Our Pick

Le Chic Shack


Embark on a savory journey at Le Chic Shack, the hotspot for indulging in culinary delights where gourmet burgers and rich, creamy milkshakes are just the beginning. Here, poutine isn’t just a dish—it’s an art form. Each sauce, crafted in-house with the finest ingredients, is lovingly paired with uniquely smashed Yukon Gold potatoes. These aren’t your ordinary potatoes; these are carefully smashed, creating the perfect texture, then deep-fried to golden perfection.

These crunchy potato jewels are then lavishly combined with sizeable, fresh cheddar cheese curds, creating the legendary foundation for what many call the ultimate poutine experience. Topping choices abound, ready to tantalize your taste buds, yet it’s the succulent braised beef topping that reigns supreme for many poutine aficionados.

To top off the Le Chic Shack experience, diners are graced with a spectacular view of the iconic Château Frontenac. Imagine savoring a mouthful of exquisite poutine while basking in the ambiance of this historical vista. It’s more than just a meal; it’s a feast for all the senses.

Second Pick



Discover the ultimate poutine experience at Poutineville, where traditional poutine is just the starting point. Our menu invites you to unleash your culinary creativity and build a poutine masterpiece. Personalize your dish with an array of tantalizing toppings, from succulent smoked meat and savory Philly steak to the rich flavors of feta and goat cheese—your palate is the limit. Adventurous eaters can tackle the notorious 15-pound Heart Attack plate, renowned as the biggest poutine spectacle in the city. Indulge in the poutine revolution at Poutineville, where every bite is an adventure.

third Pick

Casse-Croute Chez Gaston


Experience the heart of comfort cuisine in downtown Saint-Roch at the renowned Chez Gaston. This charming and compact diner is celebrated for serving arguably the most luxurious poutine in all of Québec. At Chez Gaston, you’re treated to a culinary spectacle of perfectly fried, golden potatoes smothered in a deliciously rich and savoury beef gravy. Opt for a cozy spot at the counter and be mesmerized as the chefs skillfully prepare a ‘Gaston’ masterpiece before your eyes. Each plate is crafted with generous helpings of sizzling sausages, caramelized onions, and succulent meat chunks – a true gastronomic delight for poutine connoisseurs.